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Hi there! I’m Jessica! A Netflix binging, pajama wearing, messy-bun rocking, work-a-holic. I LOVE my job. I love documenting the love between two people. It’s truly an honor to be a small part of my couple’s most important days. I invest so much of my heart in to my work and adore every person I get the opportunity to work with.

When I’m not glued to my computer, traveling or catching up on my latest TV addiction, you can find me, snuggling my two weiner dogs, traveling to a new place, or doing absolutely nothing. My life is crazy, my schedule is hectic and I feel so incredibly blessed  to have it that way. I have had jobs in the past where I would dread going to work every single day. Life’s short, and so I’m doing what I love, gratefully.

I’m loud, sassy and sometimes a little scatter brained. (I just blame this on my creativity). My goal, is to have every person I work with feeling 100% comfortable with me. I want to know who you are and how you got to where you are.  I hate awkward silences, so most of the time, I’m mindlessly chattering about something, which more often times than not, creates more awkward silences ;)

This is more than a job for me. Somedays I wish it could be just that. My work and my clients make up such a large part of my life. Some of my peers have advised against this. However, I embrace it. It allows me to truly connect with the people I work with. They become apart of my life and me apart of theirs. They become my friends and some of my biggest supporters in life. The biggest and most crazy thing I love about my job?! I get to have this tremendous privilege of being reason you have tangible and beautiful images that will be the way you forever remember your biggest day, and I take great pride and honor in that.

Thank you for checking out my work and taking time to read about me. Now hit that contact button, so I can hear about you! <3



My friends and family
My puppies
PLANNERS >> It’s a strange, horrible addiction.
Lace….lots of lace
Neutrals & Pastels
Decorating my house
Any kind of crate or tote or attempt to organize ;)
School supply season // it exists.
Outdoor weddings
Film photography
Natural, romantic images
Couples who become friends
Nose-stings on wedding days (when you feel like you just might cry)
When couples say “I trust you, I’ll do whatever you say!”
PIZZA. // all day, every day.
HUGE FLORALS on wedding days
Working in my pajamas


The song “Single Ladies”
Mean people
Negative ‘Nancy’s’
Crazy brides | don’t be one ladies! Just enjoy your day, it’ll be better this way!
People who kiss with their eyes open | so creepy
The squatting pose
Windy days
Ranch Dressing
CATS | Don’t worry they LOVE me.
Grooms who think they are too cool to be nice.
Talking on the phone | I have no attention span.
Cheesy pinterest photos | “I saw this idea on Pinterest….”
People who take photos over my shoulders.
Dance Floor Farts |  crop dusting is not nice people.
When people step in front of me to take a photo with their cell phone. |  I’ll trip you!
Fake Flowers